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Tripoli because of its strategic location in the heart of the Peloponnese, has sustained considerable damage in its history. This really is a tortured city. During the Ottoman Empire it was completely enclosed by a wall. Incidentally, the wall had been built by the Christians held in labour camps. After the heroic occupation on September 23, 1821 Tripoli played a leading role in the Revolution and it paid the price. In 1828 Ibrahim Pasha literally demolished the town. He left nothing standing, burning what was left to the ground. Needless to say the price paid in human lives was also hefty. Ibrahim Pasha ordered the demolition of the wall as although it was built to protect the glory of the Ottoman empire, it eventually worked in favour of the insurgent Greeks.


This is a very imposing building. It belonged to the Galinos couple and was built in 1857. The establishment of the historical seminary here came about in 1858. The clergy requested the development of ecclesiastical education from the palace during the Ottoman period. The circumstances of the revolution had deprived the church of educated clergy […]

Tripoli Train Station

Tripoli Train Station

A beautiful station typical of the 19th century. The film adaptation of the novel by Samarakis “At a border train station” was shot here. And this due to its perfectly conserved nature. It is clad in stone and boasts a splendid main entrance and windows. The railway connection with Athens gave a major boost to […]