Archaeological/Historic sites

Introduction for the archaeological and historical sites

The whole of Arcadia is an open-air museum. At every clearing and crossroad there are traces of Polybius, Polemonas or Pausanias. Nor can you possibly miss the sound of Kolokotronis’ and Dounias’ neighing horses. The past is forever present in Arcadia and it has endowed it with the Arcadian ideals. Arkadia gained recognition by the Universal Spirit as a paradise on earth. A Place of Power.
The archaeological and historical sites are countless. Its historical depth is vividly highlighted with the help of the archaeologist’s spade. Archaeological research in Arcadia is never ending. The bowels of this earth will always give us gifts. We will get to know the most significant archaeological and historical sites as well as the museums on this tour, the traveller should know that there is much more to see.

The Bezeniko Castle

The Bezeniko Castle

Kolokotronis' Drums

Kolokotronis’ Drums