Congregations of hikers at Pausanias Path

Congregations of hikers at Pausanias Path

Route: Tripoli – Path of Pausanias – Manari Railway Bridge – Holy Monastery of Kaltezes


Arcadia was Pausanias’ favorite place. He spent three years exploring this mystical land. And it dazzled him to such an extent that he devoted twenty years of his life to studying it. His narratives have been the gospel of archaeologists, throughout Greece of course. But he especially dwelt on Arcadia, he was ecstatic about both the beauty of the landscape and the wisdom of the people. His footsteps are imprinted on a path that bears his name. Contemporary sightseers and travellers follow in the footsteps of Pausanias and see with their own eyes the beauty that he so eloquently described. Ravines, clearings, shaded spots, evidence of ancient history and traditional villages are all on this path. Congregations of hikers and climbers who want to share the thrill of exploring are frequent.

One of the major attractions of Arcadia is the railway bridge in Manari. This is a true architectural feat. It first opened in 1898. The amazing thing is that correctional procedure or maintenance has never been needed. And it has also has never been affected by the weather conditions. It was constructed with local stone, brought from the mountain of Spartia. The station was a true masterpiece of carved stone. The train was for many years the vital artery of Arcadia and it strongly influenced the trade and social life here. The beautiful arched bridge blends harmoniously with nature, as if it were always there. Very close to the picturesque village of Manari are the springs of the Alpheios river.

Ascending a little further up the mountain visitors find themselves in the historic and beautiful monastery of Kaltezes. You can wander in the footsteps of the first Peloponnesian Senate that was held here and ask for the protection of St. Nicholas, as many miracles have been witnessed at the monastery.

The route distance is 32 km.

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