Absolute contact with the primordial nature

Absolute contact with the primordial nature

Route: Tripoli – Manthirea – Kerasia – Vlachokerasia – Forest of Skyritida – Ecological Farm in Kollines


Going for a walk outside Tripoli you can find some stunning routes. The last village of Tegea on the way to Sparta is Manthirea. The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times, as the Manthirian area is very fertile. The village has boundless views across the plateau all the way to Lake Taka to the northwest.

From Manthirea visitors can pass through the territory of Skyritida where beautiful nature, with abundant water and lush vegetation can be found. Kerasia and Vlachokerasia, the twin villages are two embraces surrounded by nature. References to Kerasia and the surrounding area are found since the time of Xenophon. In the early 20th century the ruins of the ancient city of Ion came to light, described by historians as inhabited since at least the 6th century BC. It boasted a sanctuary of Demetra as well as an aqueduct and a theatre. There are still fragments of the ancient wall here. The Folk Museum is also of great interest. It is housed in the old schoolhouse building.

In Skyritida the famous apple variety, Golden Pilafa is cultivated with much love. It is a unique fruit, full of fragrance. The Forest of Skyritida is a piece of heaven, gurgling springs cool the splendid forest of oak, fir, pine, sycamore and chestnut trees. The wonderful footpaths are ideal for reflective walks and to come in contact with nature.

It is definitely worth continuing along the road as far as Kollines. It is a fantastic village that emerges through the forest. Fifteen kilometers above the village is the ecological farm of the area. This is a model unit operating with absolute respect for nature. It is truly an ark of life. Every kind of domestic animal, even ostriches, enjoy the care of man here. It stretches over a vast area and is open to visitors. Cows, wild boars, ducks and geese, horses, goats and lovely lambs roam full of innocence in the beautiful landscape. Visitors feel they are in a primordial place, where life has true meaning.

The route distance is 35 km.

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