A real experience in the panorama of the Arcadian landscape

A real experience in the panorama of the Arcadian landscape

Route: Tripoli – Lake Taka – Ancient Palladio – Diocese of Tegea – Archaeological Museum of Alea – Temple of Athena of Alea


The surrounding countryside and regions that encircle Tripoli are full of history and beauty. Lake Taka, this unique natural phenomenon, calms the landscape and is ideal for contemplation and relaxation. The lake is a very  important natural habitat and nature lovers come to the lakeside villages to admire the wide variety of birds that sojourn here, and enrich the regions wildlife. The lake irrigates the whole of Tegea and makes the land fertile.

A tour of the ancient Palladio, in the Diocese of Tegea and the archaeological site of Alea are a journey back in time, through history. These Important archaeological sites are a historical panorama of ancient Arcadia, just a few steps away from the present reality. Tegea, vibrant and welcoming, with all its villages, is the living continuity of the great Arcadian past. There are no differences between now and ancient times. The visitor touring the park at Tegea will get an authentic taste of this ancient Arcadian spot.

Seeing the museum and the temple of Alea is a real experience. Taking a beautiful walk one can view the panorama of the Arcadian landscape. Many events take place all year round here, as Tegea is one of the most significant areas, both for trade and culturally. Whatever season you choose to come, you will find the region pulsing with vitality.

The route distance is 15 km.

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