On the road of Democracy, tradition and art

On the road of Democracy, tradition and art

Route: Tripoli – Levidi – Papanastasiou Museum – Museum of Art and History – Ancient Orchomenos – Our Lady of Kandila – Kandila


Levidi is incorporated in the municipality of Tripoli. It appears unexpectedly around a beautiful bend on the road from Tripoli to Olympia. It is a special village, with a great history. It is the birthplace of the father of the Republic, the great Alexander Papanastasiou.

Levidi has kept its traditional character intact. Visitors come all year round to enjoy every aspect of the beautiful landscape. The endless woods and many paths surrounding Levidi lead to small villages and hidden natural beauty. Shops with traditional products, fabulous restaurants and guest houses add to the welcoming nature of the region.

In Levidi the Museum of Alexandros Papanastasiou operates as a tribute to and in memory of the great fighter. Also very significant is the Arcadian Museum of Art and History. It hosts the Collection of George J. Christodoulopoulos with engravings and drawings by European and Greek artists. It also houses a very extensive library of books on the Arcadian reality. The tour of Levidi, in addition to the beauty the landscape offers great rewards to art lovers.

En route from Levidi to Kandila is the very important archaeological site of Orchomenos. This is one of the most significant and richest cities of Arcadia, where, for many years, the royal residences were based.

Kandila is ten kilometers beyond the village of Levidi. It is a very lively town, with many permanent residents. It is situated at an altitude of 640 metres, in the valley below the unique Mount Lirkio. Its development in recent years has been considerable and visitors appreciate its beautiful Arcadian style. Locals take great care that this development does not mar the character of their home. They uphold their traditions and ensure the architecture does not deviate from the famous Arcadian style.

The location is a natural fortress, and is not visible until one is quite close by. The first architectural structure that emerges through the dense forest is the Church of Our Lady of Kandila, sanctified by the Virgin Mary herself. Hovering on the hill of Misokampos, it is a historic monastery. The surrounding landscape is breathtaking and leaves the visitor with a sense of fulfillment and calm

The route distance is 43 km.

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