From Cave Kapsia in the arms of Mount Mainalo

From Cave Kapsia in the arms of Mount Mainalo

Route: Tripoli – Cave of Kapsia – Upper Kardaras – Ostrakina Ski resort


Just 15 km from Tripoli and 1.5 km from the village of Kapsia is the cave which opened to the public in 2010. The trip to get here is magical and the cave has been recognised as one of the greatest and most beautiful in Greece. The village of Kapsia is typically Arcadian and has a long tradition of winemaking, the wines produced here have a great reputation.

Continuing on this marvellous route you are embraced by Mount Mainalo. Around one kilometre above Neos Kardaras lies Upper Kardaras. A little nest up in the mountain, ideal for relaxation and enjoyment. Even the new infrastructure created is in keeping with its traditional, strictly Arcadian character. The view is unobstructed and the eye can feast on the lush green surroundings. It is one of the most popular destinations for winter discoveries.

Very close by, nine kilometers away is Ostrakina which is a joy to see when covered in snow.

The route distance is 32 km.

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