A brief introduction around Tripoli

A brief introduction around Tripoli

Route: Tripoli – Perthori – Tree of Pausanias – Convent of Upper Chrepa


This would be a brief introduction to the delights surrounding Tripoli. Perthori is a small, typically Arcadian village, five kilometres to the northwest of Tripoli. With few inhabitants, hospitable and openhearted, it boasts a very active cultural centre that organises many events. It is built on a hillside of Mainalo.

The Feast of the Shepherd is held in late July, in the picturesque chapel of St. George, this is an ancient custom surviving from old pastoral Arcadia. In the courtyard, beneath the Tree of Pausanias a “kourbani” is set up ( a traditional stew with meat and barley), with the help of local shepherds. This tree is mentioned by Pausanias in his Description of Greece and is a miracle of nature. Seven men need to join hands to embrace the trunk of this two-thousand-year-old tree.

Five kilometres from Perthori is the overwhelming Monastery of Upper Chrepa, which overlooks the whole of Mantinia. This is why it is called the balcony of the Peloponnese. The surrounding nature is breathtaking, with countless fir trees. The historic monastery celebrates on September 14th, Holy Cross Day, on the 15th of August, St. Paraskevi Day and on the Transfiguration of Christ Day. The existence of the church of Saint Paraskevi here indicates, as elsewhere in Greece, thaton this site in ancient times there was a temple of Venus.

The route distance is 15 km.
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