Tripoli Train Station

Tripoli Train Station

A beautiful station typical of the 19th century. The film adaptation of the novel by Samarakis “At a border train station” was shot here. And this due to its perfectly conserved nature. It is clad in stone and boasts a splendid main entrance and windows.

The railway connection with Athens gave a major boost to trade. The old railway company “Railways of Piraeus – Athens – Peloponnese” first opened the track in 1892. It was a milestone for the whole of Arcadia. Following the completion of the line to Kalamata, Tripoli dominated throughout the south axis of Greece. It became the commercial center of the Peloponnese and enjoyed rapid development.

The train station is located at an altitude of 665 meters. The dedicated railway employees keep it in excellent condition although for the time being it is inactive. The “clan” of the railwaymen played an important part in the life of Tripoli. In their hangouts, the ‘Glass Cafe’ and Karamitsos’ coffee shop they were universally loved, like local heroes. Bearing the responsibility of the huge steam engines made them seem superhuman.

The recent history of Tripoli too is closely tied to the railway, hopefully this will continue into the future.

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