This is a very imposing building. It belonged to the Galinos couple and was built in 1857. The establishment of the historical seminary here came about in 1858.

The clergy requested the development of ecclesiastical education from the palace during the Ottoman period. The circumstances of the revolution had deprived the church of educated clergy and this void had to be replenished quickly. So, after persistent consultations it was decided in 1833 to establish the first three seminaries. But the full realization of this dream did not come until 1858. As written in the newspaper “Veltiosis” of January 1858: “Every Greek heart, and Orthodox Christian rejoices in the establishment of seminaries in the free state of Greece. It has been decided in Basel that three seminaries shall be established one on the mainland, one on the Islands and one in the Peloponnese. And each base has been ordained by Royal decree. In the Peloponnese, Tripoli has been ordained as it is the most central, the largest and healthiest inland city … ”

Many prominent clergymen who enlightened religious life of the country with their services were boarders of this great college.

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