Archaeological Museum of Tripoli Building

Archaeological Museum of Tripoli Building

The Archaeological Museum of Tripoli is significant as a building, as well as the importance of its exhibits. Located near Kolokotronis’ Square. Built in 1896 and designed by the grecophile architect E. Ziller, it initially housed the hospital of the Annunciation. It is a two storey structure, with a magnificent entrance. The garden is adorned with the many offerings of Arcadia.

The ground floor is separated from the first floor with a marble strip. The same pattern is found in the crown of the building. The corners imitate stonework and the surrounding wall is stone, with original cast iron railings.

Inside the eight rooms have been designed to accommodate the memories of Arcadia. Over 7000  finds from all over Arcadia are located here. The museum first opened in 1986, and also serves as the base of the Archaeological Services of Arcadia. It offers a great cultural and educational contribution not only to Tripoli and Arcadia but also to Greece as a whole.

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