Villa Tourkovasili

Villa Tourkovasili

The villa Tourkovasili is an emblematic building of Tripoli. In a sea of lush green gardens, near the church of St. Tryphon, it exudes mystery and reveals a bygone age of glory. Tourkovasilis was a politician, an elected member of parliament and an important man in Tripoli.

The vast garden of the villa, with its alleys, its paths and ivy was a paradise for children. All the old Tripoli residents remember the magic of this garden.

The house was the cosmopolitan hub of the city for years. From its reception rooms at night one could hear the music that accompanied the house parties. But here too were held, some of the most important political meetings of the turbulent 20th century. Theodore Tourkovasilis, a lawyer by profession, participated in many governments; in those of Gounaris, Tsaldaris, and Kondylis. As ordered by Metaxas he was arrested and exiled, due to his involvement in a movement to overthrow the regime. In 1943 he assumed command of the Bank of Greece, however, three months later, the axis occupation government recaptured and imprisoned him. Theodore Tourkovasilis was a combatant and fearless man.

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