The Virgin Mary in Arkoudorema

The Virgin Mary in Arkoudorema

Arkoudorema is one of the most holy and hidden places in Arcadia. It is situated in the great gorge of Mainalo surrounded by fir trees.

It is believed that they originally worshiped the great deity of Arcadia, the Bear. Later the worship was merged with that of Artemis and continued smoothly. It is said that the tomb of Kallisto, mother of Arcada is here. Now this holy place is under the supervision of the Virgin Mary. The built-in inscription on the west side of the church informs us that it was built in 1719. It was the favourite church of Kolokotronis who came here like a wounded beast to cry for the death of his first-born son. The icons have folklore details and were painted by the priest George Koulidas and the son of Panayiotis. The decoration was completed in 1751. Time and humidity have had their effect on the icons giving them an even more mysterious character inside the church. The church is aisle-less and has a tiled roof.

Arkoudorema is definitely one of the most important spots in Arcadia. The lush nature, the serenity of the place and the deepening relationship with the sacred portal create another reality.

The distance from Tripoli is 20 km.

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