St Paraskevi Alonistaina

St Paraskevi Alonistaina

Alonistaina is a wonderful village in Mainalo. It is built on the site of the ancient river, Elissona. It is surrounded by a fir forest and is a place of unbelievable beauty. St Paraskevi, a notable church and the protectress of Alonistaina, dominates the square.

St Paraskevi is a hierophant which has dealings with water elements. In antiquity there was the important sanctuary of Poseidon, this was because of the abundance of springs popping up. The St Paraskevi festival is on the 26th of July every year, it is a big attraction for pilgrims and travellers. The original church was built in 1742. The stone bell tower and the marble steps, a semi-circular construction, give a charming appearance.

The present parish church was built in 1898. The tomb of Zabia, the mother of Kolokotronis, is located in the churchyard. She was from Alonistaina.

The distance from Tripoli is 25 km.

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