The Hermit's Cell of St Vasileio Louka

The Hermit’s Cell of St Vasileio Louka

Loukas of Arcadia is another place name which reflects the relationship with light. It is 14 km from Tripoli in the heart of Mantinia. It has been inhabited since the beginning of time. Invaluable architectural fragments have been found. It is supposed that the well-known sanctuary of Demetra was in the area.

The hermitage of St Vasileios is a cavernous construction of great spiritual significance. Perched on the steep rock, it is a challenge to the mind. You can’t help wondering how much persistence, faith and dedication was needed to carry the materials for its construction. In antiquity the same cave must have hosted sacred practices. The view is unimpeded, with Mainalo towering up.

On New Year’s Eve the divine service is celebrated in the wonderful chapel with the assistance of the Greek Rescue Society of Arcadia. A great number of people take part in the devout experience.

The distance from Tripoli is 13 km.

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