St Fotini of Mantinia

St Fotini of Mantinia

A paradoxical church. The number of visitors to this area is not small and that’s mainly because they have heard about the ‘myth of stone’. It is exactly opposite the archaeological area of Mantinia. It is a piece of eclectic architecture. It combines ancient orders with details influenced by the byzantine period

It aspires to bridge civilizations. Firstly, its dedication to St Fotini reflects the relationship Arcadia has with light. It is well known that Mt Likaio means ‘bright’, also the name Likaio, an inhabitant of Arcadia, means the same. The icon painting of the church continues this  same spirit of  syncretism. The icon figures are concerned with ancient Greek philosophers. There are also cultural references to the sacrements of Isida which abounded in Arcadia. The church was inaugurated in 1972 and already holds a place in Arcadia’s myths. Aesthetically it is of great interest and its spiritual ramifications even more so. In the grounds there is a war memorial in honour of the fallen.

There is also the much talked about Jacob’s well, an elegant colonnaded spring with an impressive structure.

The distance from Tripoli is 12 km.

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