The Monastery of Virgin Mary of Eleousas

The Monastery of Virgin Mary of Eleousas

The monastery of Virgin Mary Eleousas, the monastery of the rocks, is attached to the castle of Bezeniko. This great medieval power looks like it is protecting the temple. It is an impregnable place. It overlooks Mantinia and is incredibly inaccessible. For this reason it became a refuge for the hounded on many occasions.

The local hero, Alexis Nikolas of Levidi, is buried here. According to memoirs of Fotakou he had taken refuge here with his fellow villagers during the purge of Ibrahim. It was abolished as a monastery by Kapodistria, under the general abolition of small monasteries. The chapel of Virgin Mary Eleousas celebrated a service on the Assumption of Mary and on Ascension Day from that time until 1892. The monastery must have had connections with the legendary and important monastery of Taxiarchon in Levidi.

A very old pathway started out from the village Bezeniko and through the Arabs’ gorge led to the doorstep of the monastery. The Virgin Mary of Eleousas  has been declared a listed monument and is protected by the state.

The distance from Tripoli is 33 km.

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