The Monastery of Virgin Mary of Kandila

The Monastery of Virgin Mary of Kandila

The nuns at Virgin Mary Kandila have taken on the sweet duty of holding the ever burning flame of belief. Literally, though. This charming monastery was built where the Saint of Light indicated and not where it had been intended.

Originally in the small cavernous temple, a persistent brightness suggested to the believers, who preferred the Virgin Mary, to honour her. That happened in 1650. Since then, it stands guard between Mount Oligyrtos and the rough mountain. It is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. A large number of cells have been chiseled out of the cliffs. Unfortunately fires during the struggle destroyed the archives and a large part of its history was lost. The temple was expanded, it became a monastery for men. By a letter from the Patriarch Grigorios of E, it came under the jurisdiction of the patriarchy. The monks contribution to the struggle was enormous. The abbot Kallinikos was a regular warrior. He was also an experienced doctor and for this reason the monastery became a convalescence quarters for the brave young fighters. Consequently, the Virgin Mary Kandilas paid a heavy price with its destruction in 1820. However, the faithful restored it and it has been a convent since 1936. Hitched between the sky and the earth it monitors Mantinia.

The name of the summit is Kroustalles but locals call it Tripes (Holes) or simply Monastery. In antiquity the Artimidos Kondiliatidos church was located in the same place. The monastery is accessible to the traveller, 41 km from Tripoli via Levidi.

The distance from Tripoli is 41 km.

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