Levidi – The charm of tradition

Levidi is one of the prettiest villages in Arcadia. With its traditional architecture and its pure colours it is waiting to embrace you on the slopes of Mainalo. Located just 25 kilometres north of Tripoli, next to an enchanting pine forest. From Levidi beautiful trails start out towards the picturesque villages of Dara, Kandila, Vlacherna and Kardara. And also starting from the ancient Levidi are the roads to Vitina, the archaeological site of Orchomenos, and the ski resort of Ostrakina.

The central square is vibrant during the winter as well as the summer, with well-kept shops and cafes, it has a privileged view of Mainalo, the hill of Analipsis (the Ascension), Artemisio and further beyond, of Helmos. The many stone built mansions, standing proud reveal the importance of Levidi and its trade. Furthermore on the outskirts of the village there is a School of Agriculture, ​​a significant contribution made to the area by the great Alexander Papanastasiou.

An important attraction is the church of Taxiarches with two clocks, one old and one new. Outside Levidi to the east there is a very significant monument, a church where allegedly there used to be an old monastery of the Virgin Mary, that was built above the ruins of the ancient temple of Artemis Ymnias.

The distance from Tripoli is 25 km.
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