Mantinia – the land of Diotima of Mantinia

Mantinia, since antiquity, has been a major settlement in Arcadia. With a mild climate, plenty of water and a fortified position, it became a leading town, of great commercial importance. The great Diotima is from Mantinia, she, according to Plato, was a great Teacher of philosophy. The major archaeological site here is an attraction for visitors from all over the world.

Mantinia spreads over a magical plateau, known since antiquity as the Mantinian field. The fine vines that grow here produce the renowned and protected with designated origin Mantinia wines. Many upstanding wineries practice the art of winemaking with great love and care and they bottle the ancient culture in noble bottles.

A stroll through the vineyards and the archaeological site is simultaneously a journey through the history of Arcadia.

The distance from Tripoli is 15 km.
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