Tegea – everlasting Arcadia

A snug group of villages, sixteen in number, constitute the complex of Tegea. Alea, Vouno, Garea, Episkopi, Kamari, Kandalos, Kerasitsa, Lithovounia, Magoula, Manthirea, Mavriki, Rizes, Stadio, Strigkou, Tziva, Psili Vrysi. Every name, every village has a story, it is a whole world in itself.

Tegea was one of the oldest cities that was constructed with architectural rules, and this indeed is reflected in its name, as Tegos means Roof.
The region of Tegea always enjoyed great development due to the abundance provided by the land. All vegetables, all goods thrive in the mild, sheltered climate and Lake Taka provides the necessary irrigation. The Tegean diaspora always showed their love for their homeland by contributing to public works willingly. 

With many attractions such as the Tegean Association Park, the church of the Diocese, the archaeological site and museums, Tegea welcomes visitors all year round. Beautiful nature, hospitable people, exciting routes to the rest of Arcadia and consecutive events and festivals hold the interest of visitors.

The distance from Tripoli is 9 km.
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