Falanthos – Heroic villages

Falanthos is one of the most magical parts of Arcadia. It is a landscape of incredible beauty and it has a great history. The relationship between the villages of Falanthos and the commander Kolokotronis is well documented. In Piana, Alonistena, Roeino and Sylimna, some of the most important pages of our contemporary history were written.

Davia and Lower Davia, along with Tselepako constitute the medieval area of Tavia, one of the most important religious and artistic centres of the entire Byzantine Empire.

The antiquities of Falanthos are many and significant. In Piana there is a great cave dedicated to Pan and virtually every stone in Falanthos is a shrine, to the customs of ancient Arcadia. Beautiful churches, wooded footpaths in Mainalo and villages full of history compose a portrait of Falanthos, that remains unchanged throughout the centuries.

The distance from Tripoli is 13 km.
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