Valtetsi – History was written here

Valtetsi is of course the well known setting of the infamous Battle of Valtetsi. But it is also a region full of mystery and beauty. The villages that make up the recently repealed municipality of Valtetsi are so special and beautiful that one wishes for days on end to journey through them and it will never be enough.

The famous and historic monastery of Kaltezes is in the region of Valtetsi. Also, Asea with its important archaeological site and Arachamites too,  is one of the most ancient places in Arcadia. Doriza, is certainly worth visiting to encounter a tree, a very special oak that has been officially declared a natural monument. It is so ancient, that it is sure to have been encountered by Pausanias himself.

Important churches are situated throughout the region. Every stone and every path has a story to tell, from the many that took place here. The residents, calm and friendly, blend in well with their homeland, and they welcome all travellers graciously and kind-heartedly. Museums and picturesque festivities keep the memories alive and show the unaltered faceof Arcadia.

The distance from Tripoli is 10 km.
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