Cycling – 2 wheels – infinite routes

Cycling – 2 wheels – infinite routes

The bike is the best way to enjoy a route. The bike enthusiasts are also great nature lovers. Arcadia with its unique nature offers great excitement.

To begin with, the same in Tripoli, with well laid-out streets, its squares and the urban park of St George are just perfect for a relaxed cycle for the whole family or a group of friends who know how to enjoy life. Further out of Tripoli, the large network of mountain cycling routes starts. The changing landscape, the levels of difficulties, the unusual villages, all await the two-wheeled tourist in reward for their noble efforts.

From Vitina in Karkalou towards Lousio and Dimitsana and as far as the big city, the whole of Arcadia is a great ride with the wind on your face.

Thana 17, 221 00 Tripoli Arcadia
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