Lake Taka - the gifts of water

Lake Taka – the gifts of water

Egrets, Glossy Ibises, eagles, terns, kingfishers. These are just a few of the noble travelers visiting this peculiar lake in the spring. Lake Taka is located 10 kilometres from Tripoli and is one of the most important wetlands in Arcadia and the entire Peloponnese. But it is also a natural phenomenon.

The springs supply it with fresh water and it drains through a system of underground rivers. Hence in the summer it is drained completely, creating a marsh, and in the autumn it begins to fill again until it reaches full capacity in midwinter. As a result of this process the village Vouno on the banks of Lake Taka, is right at the waterside in the winter and in the summer it is inland! Lake Taka provides water to the crops of the Tegea plain. The projects involved for the subjugation of the water are important, they ensure that there are no floods in the plains. A privileged view of the lake can be seen from the village Kandalos, located up in the mountains. The lake, especially in winter, is a meeting place for hunters who with respect for nature exercise their ancient skill.

In investigative excavations in the lake traces of ancient Manthirea have been identified, from which came the old name for the region “Manthouriko plain”.

The distance from Tripoli is 10 km.

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