St George’s Park - A Paradise in the city

St George’s Park – A Paradise in the city

185 acres of paradise, is not negligible. Especially if it is just one kilometers’ walk from the city centre. Tripoli is privileged to have an entire forest right beside its bustling squares. On entering the park one loses track of time and everyday life. Quiet paths through the trees lead to hidden surprises.

The magnificent church of Agios Georgios (St. George), small and solemn, the stone horseshoe shape of the exemplary theatre. Here summer performances and music nights are held by the municipality. The zoo is home to proud indigenous representatives of the fauna and is a magnet for children, who are always open to new discoveries. The playgrounds emphasize the family-friendly nature of the park, cafes and restaurants where one can cool down or enjoy a meal of high standards and all this a stone’s throw from the centre of Tripoli. The park of St. George was always the favourite meeting point of Tripoli residents, especially in the summer.

It was customary for people to gather in the cafes and restaurants in the evenings to listen to music and to enjoy a glass of wine. This sense of a bygone era still hangs in the foliage of the park and invites you to take a stroll at a slower pace, stress-free.

Content and carefree one can walk through St. George’s Park and finally find time to listen to the birds’ song.

The distance from Tripoli is 2 km.

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