Skiritida Forest - the haunt of the Nymphs

Skiritida Forest – the haunt of the Nymphs

Skiritida is an ancient place. It is located in southern Arcadia. It has Mainalo to the north, to the east is Parnonas and to the south lies the passage between Parnonas and Taygetos. Picturesque villages nestle on the slopes,

Vlachokerasia, Kerasia, Kaltezes, Kollines. The area has always been inhabited and its men, the Skirites, were considered to be elite soldiers. The forest has a moving history as it followed a heroic people. Up until the revolution it remained untarnished, with centennial oak trees and deep shadowed ravines. During the revolution, inevitably, the fury of war erupted on it. Extensive fires damaged the eternal forest. However, with the extensive care and concern of the people it was resurrected.

The residents of Vlachokerasia of Kerasia and the other villages began to replant the wounded forest in the early 20th century with personal hard work and also with the involvement of the schools. Until a tireless Forester, Anastasios Stefanou undertook, scientifically and methodically, to restore it to its former glory. He created a model forest, With chestnut and black pine trees. A monument to human cooperation with nature. Today it spreads over around 50,000 acres a rich and life-giving ecosystem.

In the bowels of the National Park is the spring of Eurotas which after an 82 kilometre journey, flows into the sea. The dense forest is traversed by a path of 14 km, cleverly made ​​to highlight the nature’s beauty. Images of unimaginable beauty await the hiker: ravines and glades, old water mills, waterfalls, plane trees and pine trees.

Skiritida perfectly reflects the beauty of Arcadia.

The distance from Tripoli is 25 km.

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