Monastery of Gorgoepikoos

Monastery of Gorgoepikoos

On the ancient and sacred hill of Goula, in Nestani, lies the monastery of Virgin Mary “Gorgoepikoos”. It is an excellent example of ritual continuity, since the hill has always been dedicated to a female manifestation of the divine.

It is thought that the monastery was founded in the 11th century by the Emperor Alexios Komnenos. We now know, as confirmed by documents, that it has been in operation since 1536 AD. It is surrounded by various ruins of the ancient and early Christian years that increase its appeal and importance. It has the privilege of overseeing the Mantinian plains from an altitude of 680 metres. It is a triple-domed basilica, an excellent construction. It emerges amongst the pine trees as the beautiful stone path leads to the heart of the monastery. Today it serves as a convent. It celebrates on August 15th, the day of Virgin Mary’s Assumption, when faithful pilgrims come flocking to Her. It also celebrates on 1st October.

The miraculous icon that is kept here is attributed to St. Luke. The monastery holds important relics, icons, manuscripts and parchments. Here also rest saints’ holy relics of great ritual significance.

The distance from Tripoli is 15 km.

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