Monastery of Upper Chrepa

Monastery of Upper Chrepa

The Virgin Mary is honored with over 25 monasteries in Arcadia. This really is her territory. The Monastery of Upper Chrepa, which honors the Assumption of Virgin Mary, is visible from Tripoli. It stands at an altitude of 1278 meters on a lush slope of Mount Mainalo. It overlooks the whole plain of Mantinia as far as Parnonas and Taygetos mountains.

It is the highest monastery in the Peloponnese which is why it is called “Tripoli’s balcony.” The chalice from which “The Old Man of Moria” (Kolokotronis, a significant figure of the Greek revolution) received Holy Communion and the copy of the Holy Gospel he kissed before the liberation of Tripoli are held here. According to legend, the monastery’s miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary chose itself, favoured by Her, to settle on the evergreen mountainside. The monastery was named at around 1100 AD and was a historic stronghold of the Greek revolution.

The monastery “stems from the Cross”. This means that it is celebrated not only on August 15 but also September 14, the day of the Holy Cross. The church is a vaulted basilica. The original religious murals are still evident though marred by the passing of time.

The distance from Tripoli is 10 km.


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