The ravishing Vlacherna, a name that echoes its byzantine past lies hidden in Mainalo at an altitude of 954 m. It’s old name was Bezenikos like the well-known castle. With strong stone houses and churches, a typical example of Arcadian settlements.

All year round it receives scores of visitors who want to discover the beauty of its paradise. St Athanasios, the main church in Vlacherna, is an excellent example of  church architecture. Based in Vlacherna, the traveller can visit the well-known monasteries, Eleousas and the Virgin Mary Vlacherna as well as the Virgin Mary Katafigiotissa which is in a cave. The other castle in the area is close by the road to Kamenitsa, known as Angel Castle.

Vlacherna is a gastronomic paradise with its large number of restaurants that nobly compete for the highest quality and service. The hospitality provided by the accomodation sector is also excellent. The village looks out over the beautiful fir-covered summits and its numerous springs act as a natural cooling system. It is a rare and beautiful hamlet offering escape and reflection, but also authentic pleasure.

The distance from Tripoli is 32 km.

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