A village that had a road in Athens named after it in honour of its assistance in the uprising. It is12 km west of Tripoli, at an altitude of 1050 m. Situated on a small plateau between four hills: Homatovouni, Mili, Davrouleika and Kouki.

People lived there in antiquity and it became inhabited again in 1650. It was the stage of the important and decisive battle of Valtetsi. The village square, full of plane trees, hosts the memorial of that great moment and statues of Kolokotronis and Nikitara.  Valtetsi is a pastoral community. In the old days the residents spent the summers here and went down to the lowlands for the winter. Consequently the children went to school in the summer and had holidays in the winter. The village church was built under the supervision of the ‘Old man of Moria’ and has architectural elements from the ancient temple of Athena the Saviour. It is dedicated to the Theotokos (Mother of God).

Many celebrations and festivals take place in Valtetsi throughout the year bringing the locals together and attracting visitors. Because of the pastoral nature of the area it has kept a pure code of honour, hospitality, love for the family and also for the travellers. With the wild but beautiful nature of the land and the rare ethos of the people it is an islet in time and space.

The distance from Tripoli is 12 km.

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