Alonistaina is a unique place, only 25 km from Tripoli. Water is plentiful. It is for this very reason that people have lived here from ancient times. Mounted at 1200 m, it belongs to the wonderful villages of Falanthos. It is decorated by numerous churches.

‘Kefalovrisi’, a famous fountain, the holy water of St Nikolaos is honoured here. The area is lovely and cool due to the large number of springs. Enormous Plane trees, Acacia and Oaks decorate Alonistaina. In the old days the Inns were well known for their hospitality to the wayfarers. The ruins of one of these inns can be found close to the fountainhead of St Nikolaos. It has a long tradition of hospitality as has the whole of Arcadia. The wonderful climate, the abundance of trees, the preservation of the architecture and the many churches makes it irresistible to the visitor. As well as having a great history, it gave great assistance in the 1821 uprising.

The houses are built by Lagadian masters, famous for their skills. They have large arched entrances and are tower-like structures. It is an area of great archaeological interest after important findings came to light. Alonistaina is one of the ancient cities that  are linked to the famous armakades, the roads of antiquity that made up the trading network. Modern Alonistaina has a great deal of traditional accomodation for contemporary tourists. Its famous pine honey, known as ‘Mainalo Vanilla’, is available in the shops with local products.

You can also enjoy the fresh dairy products, the rare and beneficial herbs and local pasta. In the authentic tavernas of Alonistaina you can sample the delicious salted fish and other traditional meze.

The distance from Tripoli is 25 km.

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