Vlachokerasia lies 22 km outside Tripoli, at an altitude of 960 m, it is a large village with a large population. Cherry, oak, chestnut, apple, walnut, shady planes, the trees bring coolness to this really beautiful traditional community. An abundance of crystal clear water feeds the earth which shows its thanks by producing profusely. The many watermills once served not only Vlachokerasia but the villages as far as Tegea. It has always been inhabited.

The ancient residents, the Skyrites, were known as warriors, as were all the Arcadians. The rich archaeological findings from the area are housed in the Tegea Museum. It was the territory of Demetra, evidently because of the land’s great fertility. This lively village with its unflagging people who have preserved the values of  Arkadian life.

Well kept back streets, strongly built houses and in the village square the Assumption of Mary church welcomes the visitor with love and care. It is a destination that offers emotion and freedom. Lovely routes to the monastery of Kaltezes, to the very beautiful railway bridge or a trip to the next village, Kerasia, just as beautiful all will remain fond memories for the traveller.

The distance from Tripoli is 22 km.

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