The twin village of Vlachokerasia. They are merely 2 km from each other. Together they sum up beauty and greenery. It’s plentiful water and lush nature is without doubt an Arcadian scenery. The village is a listed settlement. The houses follow their traditional architectural style. It is simple and robust. The metal constructions are works of traditional craftsmen.

The village is famous for its fountains, works of the experienced  Lagadian craftsmen which were funded by Kerasian emigrants. Desi, the Lower Arched fountain and the Marble Fountain are all unique examples of traditional craftsmanship and technology. Three kilometres from Kerasia is the wonderful rejuvenated Skyritida forest. Black pine, fir and the centuries-old Arcadian oak intertwine to the delight of the walkers. In Kerasia they cultivate a delicious variety of apple, the Golden Pilafa.

It is the first variety of apple to be developed and secured in Greece.

The distance from Tripoli is 23 km.

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