This beautiful village owes its name to its rich pastoral history and to the vessel that isn’t absent from any home in the area, the milking pail. Kardaras nests below the summit of Ostrakinas, 18km from Tripoli.

It’s an enchanting destination. It welcomes everyone, especially in Wintertime, all those who combine the pleasure of the Winter sport in Ostrakinas with the absolute hospitality of a traditional place like Kardaras. Restaurants and places to hangout, shops with local products from Mainalo, warm and hospitable accomodation are there for the pleasure of the visitor. The beauty of its landscape is indescribable and there is no end to the choice of  trips.

Access to Kardaras is very easy. The development of the area was rapid and from a pastoral village  until recently it has developed into a meeting place for all those who love the mountainous nature.

The distance from Tripoli is 18 km.

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