One of the most historic villages in Arcadia. It is located 21 km southwest of Tripoli. It has been declared a traditional settlement because of its unique architecture. As an organized settlement it has existed since the 15th century. It is referred to in various documents either in latin letters or in pidgin as Ksovitsi.

It played a very important role in the uprising. It was a base for operations and a camp for the Greek revolutionaries. It had the personal office of ‘the Old man of Moria’ with his secretary Anagnostis Zafeiropoulos from Zigovitsi. Chrisovitsi was the birthplace of many of the young men, such as, the well-known Kountanis, cousin of Kolokotronis. In the difficult times of the struggle the ‘Old Man’ went to Panagia in Chrisovitsi in search of   solace. It is said that the eyes of the icon filled with tears. The museum of forest history is housed in the old timber factory in the village.

The people are hospitable, as indeed they are everywhere in Arcadia. For the people who will visit this historic village they have taken care that the services and infrastructure are perfect.

The distance from Tripoli is  21 km.

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