The name of the village is a charming and sweet sounding anagram since it is a mountain village and mountain in Greek is ‘oreino’. After a lush green route the traveller will find himself in an ornate village set at an altitude of 1100 ms on Mainalo. It is 4 km from the main road after Vitina.

It’s church St George is famous. The people from Roeino love him so much that in their songs they compare him to St Sofia in the city. It is an exquisite church built in the 12th century. It houses the miracle-working icon of the saint. Two more churches , St Demetrios, built in the 13th century and Panagia, in the 16th century are witness to Roeino’s rich religious history. Indeed Roeino had strong religious connections. As much with the monasteries of Mistra as with the medieval Tabia, known as Davia today, where one of its most important schools of icon painting flourished at a later period. Examples from this school are in the Theotokos (Mother of God) church. Roeino prospered as much in the middle years, when it was the main town of Falanthos, as it did during the revolution since many people deserted the lowlands for a more fortified place.

The village gazes into the Davia plateau offering tranquility and relaxation in an idyllic place. There are many charming shops in the square only happy to welcome the visitor.

The distance from Tripoli is 16 km.

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