Arcadia enchants the Soul of the World

Arcadia enchants the Soul of the World

Arcadia is not just a place. It has a peculiar effect on the human soul. It works like a “terra incognita”, a secret inner land of miracles. All Greek tribes recognised Arcadia as the birthplace of man. Throughout ancient legends we see the insistence on a flood from which only Arcadia was able to rescue man. Arcadian myths that are clearly cosmological, and indicate astronomical and naturalistic knowledge, have come under the observation, not only of ethnologists, but also of academic physicists.

Arcadia with its thickets and ancient temples was always a place charged by forces beyond human perception and consciousness. The divination, the rituals, the secret ceremonies that took place in Arcadian havens excite our imagination. But Arcadia also has a privileged participation in the Orthodox tradition. Miracles and epiphanies fill its literature.

There is something very primitive in Arcadia which does not change with the passing of the years. Arcadia sees changes, accepts influences but ultimately transforms each element absorbed into something entirely its own. It seems to be a workshop of forces and life-giving operations, that animate the area. Making nature, one could say, conscious of its own existence. Making it a rational conversationalist. Rocks and streams, caves and woods vibrate at a rate which was set long, long ago.

When you find yourself in Arcadia, you may want to forget about the preconceptions that prevent ones mind from being open. Because the impression conveyed by Arcadiais precisely this: that the world is not just what we see.

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