Kolokotronis' Drums

Kolokotronis’ Drums

Kolokotronis’ Drums were immortalised, after the “Old Man of Moria” sanctified them with his fighting. This is what Trikorfo, a series of peaks of Mount Mainalos became known as. Since the period of Orlov, 1770, indomitable Greeks used them as forts. Constantine Kolokotronis, father of the “Old Man of Moria” charged from here.

During the siege of Tripolis Kolokotronis decided to set up his headquarters here. And that is when he made ​​the famous Tabouria (Drums), the forts. Ypsilantis, Petrobeis Mavromichalis, Mavrokordatos, Giatrakos and many others all set up camp here. In short, from these peaks our entire known history has passed.

The Battle of Trikorfon on June 23, 1825, happened here. The central Drums, which were Kolokotronis’ overlook the whole area of Tripoli. A letter dated August 31, 1821 states: “Blessed are you the stones of Trikorfon you are destined to become self-built bastions of the Greeks in their war against the descendants of Persians.

Prince Ypsilantis, who is no different than a simple soldier, sits up late on these rocks and sleeps here”. It bears the signature of the Prince.

The distance from Tripoli is 23 km.

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