Nestani, a pretty settlement,built at the foothills of  Mount Artemisio and only 15 km from Tripoli. It is here that travellers coming from Athens, encounter their first welcome to Arcadia. Nestani, comes from the word ‘homecoming’ (νόστος in Greek) and means the need to bring emigrants back to their birthplace. It’s layout is a horseshoe shape, it has a lovely square with many plane trees and traditional architecture.

Behind the village lies the hill of Goulas a deep and enigmatic place which hosts the monastery of the Virgin Mary ‘Gorgoepikoos’ and possibly the ancient sanctuary of Demetra. The celebration of St George takes place on the hill with great enthusiasm, echoing with certainty the ancient values in the grace of Demetra. The citadel of Nestani is primeval. The walls of the tower and the surviving parts are Pelasgian

The enclosed grounds cover about six thousand square metres. There are other towers at intervals along the stone wall. Five large boulders at the summit of the hill are witness to the existence of an important ancient palace. It is one of the most important Arcadian places. Between the 5th and 3rd century BC this small state flourished. Close by there was an important Sanctuary of Demetra. At the foot of the hill the fountain of Philip can be found.

The distance from Tripoli is 15 km.

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