The Cathedral of Mouxli

The Cathedral of Mouxli

Mouchli is a normal castle town full of history and legends. It is situated on a conoid stronghold hill of Mountt Parthenio. It was founded as far back as 1295 by General Andronikos Asan, a relative of the Palaiologos family.

It became one of the largest strongholds of the later Venetian Empire, with an army base and a great cultural and religious centre with its own cathedral. There is a connection with Panagia Mouchliou (Our Lady of Mouchli) in Eternal Constantinople, as it has been testified that it was founded by Arcadians.

The Arcadian Cathedral is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary and was built around 1281. It is inextricably linked to the later Venetian empire. For that reason it echoes legends of conquests and national revolution.

Its oral tradition insists that on nights before crucial moments and events, the bells of the cathedral – smuggled away and nowhere to be seen – rang out to warn of the forthcoming danger. Carefree walkers claim to have heard chanting come from the venerable body of the cathedral.

The distance from Tripoli is 15 km.

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