The Bezeniko Castle

The Bezeniko Castle

The castle and its monastery Panagia of Aghialeousa (Our Lady of St Eleousa) is located on a rocky protrusion of Mount Mainalo, above Vlacherna and at an altitude of 1150 metres. This inaccessible place has existed a long time, founded in about 1400, as a secret refuge of worship for local believers, Bezenikonians, Levidonians, Hotousions and others.

The heroic battle of 1458, between the Greeks and Mohammed 2nd the Conquerer, was fought from the unconquerable medieval Bezeniko castle. Once again from this same point, they defended themselves from Ibrahim’s hordes in the 1821 revolution.

The monastery has many levels, with many crypts below the cells. It is believed that there was a secret school here. To the south of the castle lies the church of Panagia Katafigiotissa  (Virgin Mary  the Refugee ), built inside a large cave. The view from the castle is breathtaking and a rewarding experience for the traveller.

The distance from Tripoli is 33 km.

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