Mallaropoulio Municipal Theatre

Mallaropoulio Municipal Theatre

This building is a real gem for Tripoli. The age-old theatre, which has housed the entire theatrical history of Greece, was completely renovated and is now enjoying a second golden age.

The theatre was built in 1905 and launched five years later, thanks to the generous donation of John Malliaropoulos who was a doctor and an ardent art lover.

It is the work of the great architect Anastasios Metaxas. As the benefactor, Malliaropoulos, did not spare any expense, Metaxas was able to use the best craftsmen. The interior design was completed by the famous French architect Jolie. With deep red velvet seats, leather wings, luxury boxes and twelve dressing rooms, it was to mark the cultural life of the entire Peloponnese.

The first performance was given by the theatre company of the legendary lady of theatre, Rozalia Vonasera. Kotopouli, Paxinou, Minotis, George Pappas, the elite of theatrical art have all appeared on stage here. It has also been known to host great musical evenings.

In 1940, the theatre was brutally plundered by the Italians and it ceased to operate. Then, in 1977 a gradual restoration began, which has now been completed. The Theatre Group of Tripoli and the Center of Art Act, two assiduous agencies, give performances and host artistic events here. The Malliaropoulio is an intrinsic part of the dazzling cultural life of Tripoli.

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