Mantzounio Hall

Mantzounio Hall

This is one of the many buildings that constitute the living history of Tripoli. It currently houses the city’s most significant library holding around 25,000 books. It operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture. The library was restructured after the second World War, as an extension of the Library of Pan that has operated in the same building since 1929.

Mantzounio Hall was built on the remains of the catholic church of the Virgin Mary, which in the mid-19th century functioned as a girls’ school.

In 1927 it was purchased by the Mantzounis brothers, members of the high society in Tripoli, who were active in the industrial field. Following the tradition of the rich Arcadians who cared for their homeland, the building was renovated and made available to house night schools and a library. It acquired a new lecture hall where prestigious lectures were held.

Mantzounio Hall was thus restored to its former glory. It is part of the living and ongoing history of Tripoli.

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