Every day is a celebration – each night spent with friends

Every day is a celebration – each night spent with friends

Tripoli is an authentic capital city. It’s very close to Athens and is always up-to-date culturally. Theatre and music groups are hosted in Tripoli everyday.

Tripoli has her own way of celebrating every day. With good theatre, endless music, painting exhibitions, cinema. There is always something for the visitor to see and hear. There is always some activity, a reason to celebrate. It is a city full of life, Winter and Summer.

And of course it’s a city that loves all night partying .Very easily everyone becomes one company, one group of friends in an all night party that has been going on for ever and will last forever. With wine from Mantinia, with ouzo, tangy tsipouro, but also drinks from every part of the world, Tripoli is an enchanted city. It is the city of song and non-stop fun.

Life is great and Tripoli knows it. It doesn’t let a moment slip by without celebrating.  Summer in the squares and parks, Winter in the exquisite shops, everyone is friends with everyone.

Tripoli awaits their visitors so as to initiate them in the Arcadian way of life. To show them the endless pleasure of life.

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