Musical Events – Arcadia honours Art

Musical Events – Arcadia honours Art

Arcadia is the land of Apollo and of  Marsya, the daring harpist who challenged him to a dual. It is the land of Pan who with his sweet sounding pipe even enticed the nymphs. It is the land of music and dance, of melodic harp and song.

All year round there is music in Tripoli and the villages. Traditional and contemporary music warms up the crowds and promotes culture.

Every evening there are musical performances. Art is essential for the Arcadians, it is bound up in their lives. We must not forget that the great Demetris Mitropoulos, an important conductor was Arcadian. In Tripoli, directly after the revolution, they held soirees with musicians from Vienna. Tripoli has an important and close relationship with music, it is loved with a passion.

Particularly during the Cultural Summer, music is given top place in Tripoli. Having said that, exquisite music can be heard every evening in the many shops also in the Winter.  Also with every opportunity groups from Athens come to play to an enthusiastic public.


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