The fall of Tripoli – The September that gave birth to Greece

The fall of Tripoli – The September that gave birth to Greece

Before the uprising Tripoli was the administrative, economic and military centre of the Peloponnese. The city was enclosed by walls, with high towers and large iron-clad gateways. At the start of the uprising the council of chieftains were bent on the seizure of Tripoli. And that because it was an important military city, but also because it would be an irreparable blow to the staggering Ottoman Empire.

Some of the top revolutionaries took part in the siege, they were:  Kolokotronis, Nikitaras, Bouboulina, Kefalas, Mavromihalis, Giatrakos, Anagnostaras, Lontos.

The first action taken by the Greek revolutionaries was to take hold of the water  so that thirst might  foil the opposition of the Turks. And so it happened.  On the 23rd of September 1821 the Greek Revolutionaries entered through the Door of Nafplio into  the metropolis of the Peloponnese.

Given the brutal massacre by the Turks in Aegean and elsewhere Kolokotronis gave orders that there should be no survivors. He wanted to revenge the bitter death of his son. Indeed the empire received a strong blow. At that moment Greece was reborn from her devastation.

September 23rd is a day of celebration for Tripoli .The heroic siege by Greeks of the proud heart of Peloponnese (Moria) is celebrated by a service of thanksgiving and parades. The atmosphere of their gratitude and love for the immortal Greeks is very moving.

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