Food – the tastes make history

Food – the tastes make history

The culture of food has only recently begun to become the object of study and respect. Fortunately, during the years when speed was more important that quality, Arcadia didn’t follow that way. The locals love doing what they know how to do best,  to look after their land as always.

The varied landscape favours small local products. The Arcadian cuisine is one of the most authentic in all of Greece. It is simple in its philosophy, and based on quality ingredients.  Olives, oil, wine, pulses, honey, jams, apples and walnuts, cheese and choice meats are typical products of the Arcadian land that have never altered in quality

Well-matched wisdom with age-old solid recipes creates a sumptuous feast which besides anything else is a school of taste. A little Easter lamb in Tripoli, or a salted pork (pasto) dish with eggs in Vitina is not just food. It is food and healing. It is history and culture.

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