Tripoli Museum of Copper

Tripoli Museum of Copper

At number 18 Chrona Street, a picturesque street in the heart of Tripoli, a gift awaits the passer-by. A strange and unexpected museum, the Museum of Copper. It is a product of the love and devotion of a rare man, Tassos Birbilis, who converted his family home into an Ark of Copper. He has very patiently collected hundreds of copper objects from all over Arcadia.

Tools, machines, daily utensils, and intricately crafted objects, all with the common characteristic of being made ​​from the primitive and well-loved material, copper. Typically in the evenings this energetic Arcadian can be found taking care of his favorite collection.

Delicate sounds resonate in the neighborhood as the breeze dances amongst the copper. We recommend that you take along your camera to capture the fiery utensils. This is a rare experience. The museum is open to visitors by appointment with the experienced collector.

Tripoli Museum of Copper

contact: 2710 225757

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