War Museum of Tripoli

War Museum of Tripoli

On St. Basil’s Squareand the corner of Ethnomartiron Street, is the War Museum of Tripoli. It occupies the ground floor of the elegantMalliaropoulos building. Inaugurated in 2000 in response to the need and demands of the Cityof the Struggle and Revolution.

It has eleven themed sections covering the struggles of the Greeks : weapons and items from the revolution of 1821, the Greek-Turkish War, and Macedonian War through to the MiddleEast and the Liberation all are accommodated in the halls of the Museum. A bust of Kolokotronis and a large cast commemorate the great general as a sign of honour . But also of course the gun powder-covered rifles and authentic sabers are genuinelyawe-inspiring.

In the halls of the War Museum and its collections one sees in relief the history of this great city of Tripoli and the whole of Arcadia.


War Museum of Tripoli

1 Ethnomartiron St

Tripoli ARCADIA  22100

contact: 2710-234410


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